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1. MINIMUM VEHICLE SPECIFICATIONS: a. Only standard road cars are eligible. b. NO modifications or 4WD’s. c. NO reinforcing except in the front doors. Front doors may have a 32mm minimum pipe bolted or welded in place from the front door to rear door pillar - post to post. Pipe must be 100mm below the window opening. d. NO roll cages. e. Driver’s door may be plated will 3mm steel welded or bolted in place of trim maximum of 300mm high from floor. f. All glass, lights, tail lights, exterior mirrors etc and interior trim to be removed from vehicle. g. ALL vehicles must be stripped at home prior to them entering Speedway Grounds or surrounding area. Interior mirror and dash may be left in. h. ALL flammable materials must be completely removed, carpets, door linings, roof lining etc) dash board & driver’s seat may remain in place. i. Drivers door to be securely chained welded or bolted. j. Drivers must be fully restrained by the cars standard seat belt (Race Seat and 5 point harness recommended) k. ALL cars are to be fueled up in front of the promoter’s Scrutineer’s. l. ONLY 10 liters of petrol to be carried in the vehicles tank m.All cars to be fitted with roll bar, consisting of a minimum diameter of 38mm pipe or RHS, to extend from the floor immediately behind the driver’s seat to the roof. This must be bolted through the roof and floor with a minimum of two 10mm grade 8 bolts with lock nuts on each end (top and bottom). A head rest must be mounted on bar if no headrest fitted to seat.
n. NO locked or limited slipped differentials are permitted. o. Drivers door & front passenger door is to be painted white. p. Number will be issued by the Track Scrutineer(s) at the time of registration or scrutineering. q. Batteries must be securely tied down. r. NO tow bars, NO tow bar necks. s. Radiators must be left in place, but the fan may be removed if you choose. t. All Air-Bags must be removed.
2. RACING RULES AND CONDITIONS a. All vehicles are to be scrutineered and MUST comply with the above. Failure to comply will see the vehicle & driver struck from this event. b. ABSOLUTLEY NO PASSENGERS. c. ANY driver caught deliberately hitting or ramming the driver’s door of another vehicle will be disqualified. d. Drivers MUST REMAIN in their vehicles at ALL times (even when stationary), for your own safety—unless instructed otherwise by Promoters Safety personal. e. When the RED flag is shown on a car then that car is stationary it is not to be hit. f. Vehicles can go both ways around the track. g. Vehicles MUST NOT enter the In-field unless they are in-need of help or out of the demo. h. During the course of the event Competitors must hit an opponent’s (other competitor’s) vehicle every 60 seconds or they will be disqualified from the event. i. No competitor shall be allowed outside his/her car to effect mechanical repairs after the commencement of the Derby. j. Seat Belts are to remain on at ALL times during the Demo Derby. k. ALL decisions made by the track officials will be final & binding. The decision on prizes will be decided by the Speedway officials. Their decision is final and NO negotiations will be entered into. l. The promoter reserves the right to re-scrutineer. m. ALL drivers MUST supply & wear to the promoter’s satisfaction;
 their own crash helmet with visor fitted or safety goggle NO sunglasses etc  Fire resistant over-alls i.e. 100% cotton.  Neck brace  Fire Resistant gloves i.e. 100% cotton, leather etc.  Boots or covered shoes must be worn with long woolen socks (no Nylon), no; gumboots, or open footwear allowed.                                                                                                                               3. LICENCE SPECIFICATIONS; a. All Competitors must be familiar with Demo Derby Rules. b. All competitors, who enter the Demo Derby Event, do so at their own risk. c. All competitors must sign an approved indemnity form (in front of a promoter or delegate of the event) absolving the promoter & other competitors and the Circle Track Racing association of any liability which may arise as a result of a novelty type competition. e. Competitors must be Minimum age of 16 years of age to compete in this event. Promoter may request proof of age. f. A parent or Legal guardian must certify the indemnity form if the Driver is 16, 17 or 18 years of age.

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