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Whangarei speedway news letter,No 1 2018

Welcome to the first news letter of the season dirt eaters.The 2018/2019 season is looking great with a new crew and a passion for success to put whangarei back in the number 1 spot for northland speedway.There has been a lot of training going on in the off season with the first aiders and the safety infield crew.These crews will be switched on this race season ready to deal with any problem on and off the track,safety is always number 1.The track has has a new lease of life with some new clay and track shaping,8 deg banked turns & 6 deg banked straights,looks like we are going to have some super fast racing this season.

A candid interview the el presidente Johnny M

Q.What was your first memories of speedway?

A.One of my first memories was at baypark many many sleeps ago,I remember the streetstocks lining up covering 2/3,s of the track,then the flag dropped and it was all on,that’s where my passion for speedway started.

Q.What drove you to become president?

A.I wanted to become president because I see there was a huge amount of untapped potential in the club.One of the big ones is the family & friends,it,s a real family sport from the kids to the mums & dads pit crewing or racing,it,s something we can keep growing.

Q.Where do you see the club in the future?

A.I would like to see the club as the no 1 speedway in northland with race teams wanting to come here and and enjoy the club,the people and the atmosphere.It will be good to see the public return in numbers and support all the race meets over the seasons,that is something the club is always working on.

Q.Your family?

A.Well my family,I would be lost without my wife and kids to help me and support me in my latest instalment in my life.Iam currently spending a lot of time down at the track during the build up to the start of the season,I guess im a lucky man to have an amazing supportive family.

Q.The stockcar?

A.Ive heard the term bucket list used,the stockcar was always on the list.My aim this season is to have some fun on the track when I can and try to create some interest in the grade and get some more local cars registed.Im working closely with the dargaville stockcar lads and hopefully we can support each and have some good racing at both tracks.

Thanks Johnny for your time.

Next issue,a catch up with grade reps,track updates and opening meet review.

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