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                                                WHANGAREI SPEEDWAY SPONSORS

Whangarei saloon & stockcar club would like to thank all of our sponsors who have supported the club,with out these business's getting behind the club, Speedway just wouldnt be speedway.
Always remember to support these business's, when ever you can - Locals supporting locals.
    Kamo parts                                                                                                       ph 4354050
   Indemand building company                                                                          ph 021670395
  Magic tyres & mags                                                                                          ph 4383534
  JJ automotive                                                                                                    ph4382095
  Tony gordon panelbeating & towing                                                              ph 4381047
 Petes towing                                                                                                      ph 4382777
  Arthurs emporium                                                                                            ph 4381450 
  Cowleys hire                                                                                                     ph 4383613